Sing Lessons vs Vocal Lessons FAQs

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We’re covering some FAQs regarding singing lessons and vocal lessons below.

What is the difference between singing and vocal lessons?
It is mainly semantics. Those who are just starting out in singing will ask for singing lessons, but those who teach singing will often call themselves voice teachers as they will teach you how to master the use of your ‘instrument’, which is your voice.
If I’ve taken time off singing, could I get anywhere if I start up again?
Sometimes, because of like choices, adults with an abundance of talent and music training might stop for a while. This could easily be due to a number reasons – either personal or not having much luck in the industry. However, because the foundation is there, it is easy to pick it up again and get a good sound together. It may also prove to be a benefit as it could mean that a performance is more emotional due to all of that life experience.
Should I take lessons if I only want to sing as a hobby?
This is entirely dependent on your personal preference but if lessons make you sound better and singing makes you feel good as well as making those that enjoy hearing you sing happy, put it in your life.
How can I tell if my child needs voice lessons?
Many children and teenagers will start to sing naturally because they have an impulse. A great place to develop a young singing voice is in a choir. They will learn fundamental musicianship, harmony, counting, and staying tune.
However, if there aren’t any choir opportunities nearby, you may want to get them into voice lessons that are gentle and fun, using a combination of pure singing and easy pop singing. They will develop good habits but stay interested!
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