"I'm not too articulate when it comes to explaining how I feel about things. But my music does it for me, it really does..." - David Bowie

Our team at Progress provide professional, fun and inspirationalPiano lessons Birmingham and Keyboard lessons Birmingham. All lessons are conducted in one of our purpose-built private studios on a 1-2-1 basis using the best in Yamaha Clavinova digital stage pianos.


Meet the tutors?

Private 1-2-1 Piano Lessons

From age 5 and up*, all lessons are tailor made and structured towards the individual's learning style, attainment level, musical preferences and goals. You can choose to study towards a more classical piano style or a more contemporary rock and pop style.

* Subject to a successful introductory/trial lesson.

Music Medals (ABRSM) are available for the younger students which help start them off towards any future grading systems. Progress is the Midlands Trinity Rock and Pop exam centre so you can work towards that grading system or choose any of the alternative grade structures. Many students also choose not to work toward a grade or certificate so the service is completely flexible and their is no obligation to do this.

Keyboard lessons in Birmingham

Specialist Keyboard lessons Birmingham are also available with a link to the recording studio. This involves lesson in programming, sequencing, MIDI, creating loops and samples and how to integrate that into a studio environment. Quality control is at the heart of everything we do and your progress will be constantly monitored by your tutor and Progress Music Academy and will be adjusted and tweaked along the way to tailor you with the most appropriate learning pattern.

Online piano lessons

Our Piano lessons are available in person at our Birmingham studios, or you can take now take an online piano lesson from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Practice Space

Use our dedicated app to keep track of all your lesson content, notes, videos and homework.  Our app enables you to 'take your lesson home' and achieve targetted practice.  You can even add your own practice notes and videos to review during your next lesson!


All equipment will be provided by Progress Music Academy and Grade books will be available for all Progress customers if required.

Beginners or advanced players are welcome! So, get in touch and try out that introductory Piano lesson Birmingham or Keyboard lesson Birmingham today!

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