How Do I Choose Which Musical Instrument to Learn?

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Learning to play a musical instrument will be one of the greatest things you could ever do for your mind, as well as for yourself. Regardless if you are a beginner, playing in a band, or are a skilled individual, the process is incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun!

If you’re starting a clean slate and do not know what you want to play, it is good to know that anything is possible

Choosing a variety

The instrument that is a popular choice for beginners is the piano. This is mostly because it is really simple to see the music. It is also featured in many different cultures and styles of music, both piano and keyboard.

Piano variations you may be able to add to your skills include:

  • Accordion
  • Harpsichord
  • Organ
  • Synthesizer
The guitar can vary from classical to death metal, learning to play the guitar can open up many doors into different musical styles. The guitar is another popular choice amongst budding musicians and first-timers. Guitar lessons can lead you onto other instruments to add to your six-string canon:
Mastering percussion is all about keeping the time of most music groups. In most bands, this will come in the form of a kit drum, whereas there are other combos which will feature widely in a variety of instrument that can be hit on with mallets, sticks or hands.
Other percussion instruments include:
  • Bells and Cymbals
  • Congas and Bongos
  • Drum set
  • Glockenspiel
  • Timpani
  • Vibraphone

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