Caring for your musical instruments

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It is a well-known fact that taking care of a musical instrument is essential for when learning to play the instrument. The proper care of musical instruments will help to maintain the quality of their musical output.
Musical instruments vary in their size, usability and manufacturing material. Depending upon these characteristics, the methods applied to take care of different instruments do of course differ.
Caring for wind instruments
Wind instruments can be played by blowing air through their channels.
  • Do not pick up wind instruments by their keys. Ensure to hold the instrument at the two ends when removing it from its casing and the same care will need to be taken when replacing the instrument back after its use
  • The channels in wind instruments tend to catch moisture from the air that is blown through them when they are being played. The moisture can affect the internal surface of the instrument and create cracks
  • When cleaning the instrument, use clean, dry cloth
  • If an instrument requires assembling before usage, be sure to clean the joints prior to the assembling
  • Try to take your instrument to a repair workshop to ensure that the instrument is perfect and in working order
  • Clean and wipe the mouthpiece of these instruments immediately before and after using them
Caring for brass instruments
The popular use of brass instruments is usually within a band.
  • Brass instruments are generally easily dismantled. However, if you a certain cork is tight, do not force the screws of the cork to open – it’s best to ask for some professional help
  • Once dismantled, these instruments can be washed with some warm water to remove dust particles inside the instrument. Be sure to use a soft cloth to dry the instrument. You may dry the instrument thoroughly in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Take care to grease all the valves of the instrument with a special valve oil prior to reassembling the instrument
  • Avoid using any chemicals to shine your instrument as they tend to leave a sticky residue on the surface of the instrument
Caring for key instruments
Key instruments are primarily played with the help of the black and white keys and foot pedals.
  • Ensure you are protecting the keys by covering them whenever the instrument is not in use. You can use plastic coated pads as instrument covers
  • Over a period of time, the dust will accumulate on the keys. The dust should be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth
  • If the keys are sticky or jammed, it is recommended that you seek a professionals’ help
Caring for string instruments
Common string instruments are guitars, violins, violas, bass etc
  • Always use a clean dry cloth when cleaning the instrument
  • It is essential that you apply a fresh coat of varnish and wood polish for wooden surfaced instruments
  • Replace strings gradually so not to reduce the strain on them
  • When hanging an instrument with 2 bow strings, make sure to use the one opposite to the chin rest
  • Always follow the user guide issued along with the instrument
General caring needs of musical instruments
Below are some suggestions applicable to any type of instrument. If they are followed correctly, they will help maintain the monetary value and quality of your instrument.
It is advised to keep musical instruments away from extreme temperatures such as excessive cold air, direct sunlight and artificial heat. Make sure to sure your instrument in a cool dry place when it is not in use.
If your instrument needs a repair. If you neglect your instrument it will give a degraded emission sound or a buzzing sound.
To prolong the life of your instrument, it is beneficial to invest in a superior quality protective case; avoid using bags to cover instruments. Also, be sure to return the instrument to its case after every practice or performance, cleaning it beforehand.

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