Why music is important

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Not only does every culture make music, but every past culture has had or made music too.
The musical instrument is amongst one of the oldest man-made objects ever discovered; as an example, there are some flutes today that are approximately 37,000 years old, possibly older.
Compared with reading and writing, the earliest recorded forms dating back about 3500 years – and there are presently some cultures in the world that cannot read or write.


Scientists have actually discovered, through research, music has an effect on different parts of the human brain quite deeply.
It’s difficult to explain although a simpler way of understanding would be the emotions and memories and feelings felt when listening to a particular song or piece of music, whether it be from classical to heavy metal. You could ask yourself: “What do I feel when you listen to a Christmas song? Or when somebody is singing ‘Happy Birthday‘?”


Music can produce strong emotions and feelings; it is essentially a language a language that every human is capable of understanding, thus it is a form of communication.
In the year of 2009, November, the UK remembered two significant events; one being the passing of the generation of the soldiers who fought for the country during the first World War, the second the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – both commemorated with music; in London, the Choir of Westminster Abbey sung ‘For the Fallen’ for the passing of the WWI generation; the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall brought a free concert by U2.
Learning music could actually be considered a vital life skill as it is a form of universal communication – it’s a form of expression without having to say anything.
Music is especially important for children as at their young age, their brain is constantly developing, thus giving them another form of communication they can use while they grow. The more music a child is exposed to, the more they will enjoy a variety of music when they are an adult.
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