5 reasons why you should take guitar lessons

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Taking guitar lessons is one of the definitions of coolness. It is a known fact that musicians are often more popular and seen as more attractive; this is especially true in regards to guitar players. A recent Israeli research demonstrated this theory by sending 100 friend requests from the Facebook account of an attractive guy, in 50 of the 100 requests the same guy was holding a guitar. The number of women accepting the friend request was much higher when he was holding the guitar. Aside from the coolness of it all, however, there are hundreds of reasons why taking guitar lessons is definitely a good idea, find our top 5 on the list below:

1 Stress relief

Listening to and playing music are known and natural anti-depressants. If you are feeling like everyday stress and or depression is creeping up on you, taking guitar lessons, as well as other music lessons can really help you in the long run. Start your music lessons today and start taking charge of your life.

2 Brain Power

Playing music is one of the most effective ways to sharpen your mind and everyday brain activity. If you feel like you need a hobby that is going to both relax you and help you with your cognitive abilities, look no further than music. It has the capacity to increase your brain power and is much more entertaining than sudoku.

3 Pain Relief

Music is a medically proven, very effective pain relief which, according to certain studies,  interferes with the signals before they even reach the brain. Others suggest it provides enough of a distraction and a calming influence to reduce a patient’s pain and help them recover more effectively. People who play music also tend to have better cardiovascular systems.

4 Enhance Your Creativity

Playing music is an incredibly creative practice and will lead you to new paths when you start creating your own melodies and you settle on your preferred style. The creativity learned in the music studio will follow you outside it and will significantly improve your understanding and love of humanities subjects and languages.

5 Passion

Are you looking for a hobby or a long-lasting passion? One of the most important benefits of taking guitar lessons is that it is fun! Fall in love with a new trade and start playing the instrument today.

Playing the guitar and taking music lessons will not only help your social and love life, but it will potentially make you healthier, smarter and more interesting, how can you turn the opportunity down?

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  1. I’ve been really stressed out lately, and I don’t know what to do about it. I didn’t know that guitar lessons could help with that so much! It would be fun to not only be less stressed, but also learn a fun skill.

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