Which instrument should you play: the piano or guitar?

A life without music is a very boring life and after a hard-working day it’s great to play or learn an instrument to relax. Two of the most popular instruments in the world are the piano and guitar. But how do you pick between guitar lessons Birmingham and piano lessons Birmingham? This is where we can help!

Which one is better for beginners?
Many people that have learnt to play both the piano and guitar say that learning and remembering notes on the piano is somewhat easier than on the guitar. This is as well as saying that understanding musical patterns are easier too on the piano. As note patterns on the guitar are rather complex and it isn’t always easy for beginners to distinguish which guitar string is for higher or lower pitch. It is particularly difficult to tune a guitar, which is necessary before playing. When learning to play the piano, first you learn the notes and scales of the piano then melodies and chords. It will take a little longer to play a song on the piano than on the guitar.

What’s your price range?
Price will always be dependent on certain factors, such as sound quality and play ability. Both the piano and guitar alter in price. You can get a guitar can around £50 and piano for around £100. But this is just a starting point and the better quality instrument you want, the more you have to pay.

What type of genre?
When making your decision of which instrument to go for, it is also a good idea to consider which genre of music you would like to play. If you favour classical, then the piano is a good idea. As the piano has the rich history of classical music. However, you can play any type of genre on a piano but pop and classical suit it best. Rock music suits the guitar, as rock sounds sound better on a guitar.

Even after taking these factors into consideration, you may may still be perplexed as to which one to learn to play. We would advise going to a music store to try both out. This may help you to get a feel for which one you would enjoy playing the most. If you would like to hear more about our guitar lessons Birmingham or piano lessons Birmingham then contact us to find out more.