Ask the Pro’s: Steve White, Paul Weller, Style Council

We are delighted to announce that throughout the Lock down period, we have been busy putting together a new and exclusive 'Ask the Pro's' feature where we ask some of the worlds most respected musicians how they learned to play their instrument and what advice they would give to new musicians.

These features are exclusive to Progress Music Academy and offer a real insight into how they did it and how you can too.



The second instalment is from Drummer Steve White (Style Council, Paul Weller, The Who):

1. Did you have lessons or are you completely self-taught?

I started as self taught but began studying age 11 when I went to secondary school

If you had lessons, how long did you take lessons for?

My earliest days revolves around listening to lots of records, but I studied from 11 and continued up until approximately twenty

2. How important do you think it is to learn to read/write music?

I’m of the opinion that it’s a good thing , is quite simple to learn and does no harm .

3. We’re there any ‘lightbulb’ moments you remember having whilst you were learning?

The light bulb moment for me was learning the Moeller technique.

4. Do you have any specific tips for a good practise regime?

Lots of variety, concentration, and don’t bother unless you are focused and prepared to work hard

5. Do you have any advice for a drummer (or musician) who is just starting out on their learning journey?

In the beginning, the main thing is to enjoy it and then really nurture your love for music .

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