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Our aim at Progress is to provide the highest level of professional Recording Studio Techniques tuition. All lessons are conducted in one of our purpose built private studios on a 1-2-1 basis.

All lessons will follow our structured syllabus which is an amalgamation of all the different official grading systems (Rockschool, RGT,LCM, Trinity, Guildhall) and if you require, exams can be taken to achieve grades in the normal way. Your progress will be constantly monitored by your tutor and Progress Music Academy and will be adjusted and tweaked along the way to tailor you with the most appropriate learning pattern.
recording studio techniques at progress music academy in birmingham
All Recording Studio equipment will be provided by Progress Music Academy.

A specially designed syllabus is available for younger students and children to help get them started!!

Large discounts are offered to students who wish to purchase lessons in batches of 4, 7, 10 or more.

Recording Studio techniques is a brand new service designed by Progress Music Academy. From our Pro Tools recording studio environment, our lessons cover everything from recording your first sound, up to full production projects. Here's a list of a few things you can expect to cover:
Recording basic tracks • studio set-up and hardware • micing techniques • sound anatomy • MIDI • looping and sampling • band recording • instrument recording techniques • environment and space • mixing • mastering • effects and manipulation • and lots, lots more..
We are one of the ONLY places that you find hourly lessons in a Recording Studio.
One Hour Lesson: £27
Half-Hour Lesson: £16