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Lewis has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember. He joined his first band at 13 years old and has since performed and recorded with bands of all genres, from blues to rock and soul to electronic dance music bands.

With the dream of working as a full time music producer he took every opportunity growing up to acquaint himself with studio equipment and recording techniques. He has since worked as a full time musician gaining vast experience as a music producer and session musician all over the country. He has recorded and released music on labels in both the UK and France.

Lewis’ goal as a producer is to give all levels of musician, from first timers to those with more experience, the opportunity to express themselves and their music in a studio environment, whether its a simple vocal session with a backing track, a live band recording through to full musical arrangements with singer-songwriters and beat making with hip hop artists.

As part of his interest in artist development Lewis seeks to provide all his clients with quality song recordings through up to date recording techniques as well as the opportunity to develop the skills they will need to flourish as a performer, whether professionally or just for fun. This includes developing the client’s skills in songwriting and arranging to beat making, live instrument recording and general production and mixing techniques.

Lewis brings his energy and love for music to every session and hopes to share this passion with every artist who steps into the studio. Come down have a chat with him at Progress Music Academy and a look round the studio, or better still book in a session and get recording.

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